Солнечная энергетика в Казахстане

SPS with parabolic cylindrical concentrators

If the tower and plate solar thermal power stations belong to single-circuit installations (steam from the receivers goes directly to the turbine generators), the power stations on the parabolic cylindrical concentrators belong to the category of double-loop ones. In power stations of this type, the heat transfer medium is the worker, which then gives its heat to the vapor-forming medium.

Figure 1. SPS on parabolic concentrators

Structurally these power plants are made as follows. On concrete or metal supports are installed hundreds, thousands of parabolic cylindrical mirrors, having a length of tens, if not hundreds of meters. These paraboloids are oriented in such a way as to take the maximum possible energy of solar radiation. In the focus of these parabolas, a tube with a light-absorbing coating is installed, along which the coolant circulates.