Солнечная энергетика в Казахстане

SPS «Otar»

In Kordai District in December 2012, the first solar power station in Kazakhstan was put into operation on an industrial scale.

The investor of the project of construction of Satarat Otar with a capacity of 504 kW was KazEcoWatt LLP. The cost of construction of the first stage of SPS "Otar" was about 200 million tenge. During construction, up to 20 workplaces were organized, and during operation, the attendants will consist of five people.

The capacity of the first stage of SPS "Otar" is sufficient to cover the demand for electrical energy for more than 200 households. The total installed capacity of the Otar SPS will be 7 MW.

The implementation of the project for the construction of Satarat Otar was carried out with the active support of the akimat of the Zhambyl region. The Akimat allocated a land plot of more than 14 hectares for the construction and operation of the SPS, agreed on a selling tariff for electricity, provided support for the conclusion of a contract for the sale of electricity from the REC.

The cost of electricity SPS "Otar" is 23.4 tenge with VAT per 1 kW * h, while in Europe the cost of solar energy exceeds 60 tenge per 1 kW * h.