Солнечная энергетика в Казахстане

SPS «Kapshagai»

A solar power station with a capacity of 2 MW in the city of Kapshagai (south of Kazakhstan) was commissioned in 2013.

Power generation at SPS is carried out by 7,995 solar panels, of which 70 percent are installed on fixed and 30 percent on solar-powered structures (trackers). To convert the constant electric current received on the solar panels, 178 inverters are used in alternating current at SES

As of 02.02.2017, the solar power station with installed capacity of 2 MW is operating in the planned mode.

  • in 2015, current repairs of all electrical equipment of the SPS 2 MW were carried out. The necessary complex tests of power equipment have been carried out.
  • from 01.10.2014 an agreement was concluded with LLP "Settlement and Finance Center for Support of Renewable Energy Sources" for the purchase of electricity at a fixed tariff;
  • from "01" January 2016 to "December 31, 2016 Solar Power station of 2 MW in the city of Kapshagai produced electric power in the amount of 3,267 thousand kWh, including 3 154 thousand kWh generated in the electric network.
  • In 2016, Samruk-GreenEnergy LLP prevented more than 1.685 thousand tons of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

Remind that Kazakhstan ranks third in the world in terms of emissions of carbon dioxide in GDP. With 80 percent of these emissions come from the energy sector. In addition to the rich reserves of hydrocarbons, 60% of the territory has the potential for use of solar, wind and rivers.