Солнечная энергетика в Казахстане

The possibility of using solar energy in Kazakhstan

The end of the international EXPO-2017 exhibition raises the question about prospects of implementation in Kazakhstan, the principles and ideas discussed in the ideas of sustainable and harmonious development within the green economy, green technology and green energy. Kazakhstan proposed a number of international initiatives in this field (the most famous of which has become a global environmental initiative "Green bridge") and who formulated the agenda of the EXPO-2017, aimed at their implementation through the development of future energy, has the opportunity to demonstrate the success of the strategy of green economic growth.

This capability, especially in terms of energy, supported in Kazakhstan in the presence of a rich resource base of future energy, in particular, the vast potential of electricity production by renewable energy sources (RES). Under the energy from renewable sources in international practice to understand solar, wind, hydropower (in the context of the green economy - small hydro), biomass, geothermal and others.

For Kazakhstan due to its natural and climatic specifics of the actual not all types of renewable energy sources, the most promising are hydropower, but also solar and wind. In accordance with the estimates contained in the "concept of development of fuel and energy complex till 2030" from 2014, the hydro potential in the medium and large rivers is estimated at 55 billion kWh, small rivers - 7.6 billion kWh per year. The solar energy potential, according to the calculations is about 2.5 billion kWh per year, and the number of Sunny hours per year is estimated at 2200-3000 of 8760. Wind potential reaches 1820 billion kWh per year. Thus, the total potential of RES for electricity generation is 1 885 billion kWh, heat capacity of 4.3 GW.

Currently, the amount of generation from these power stations in Kazakhstan is small. The electricity production of solar and wind power plants amounted at the end of 2016 320 million kW/h, which corresponds to 0,3% of the total electricity generation in the 94 077 million kW/h, the Share of hydropower amounted to 12.3% (11606 million kW/h) that is, the combined generation of all renewable energy was measured last year 11926 million kW/h or 12.6% of electricity generated. This figure was significantly above the previous year's level (10.4 percent) and marked a very significant increase in the volume of production of electricity by solar and wind stations, which amounted to 105%. Currently in the Republic there are 50 existing renewable energy facilities with a total capacity amounted to 288.3 MW (hydro - 139,8 MW; WPP - 90,8 MW, SES, and 57.3 MW, the biogas plant is 0.35 MW).

For Kazakhstan with its huge territory, low population density, abundance of Sunny days and big is not suitable for agriculture lands, renewable energy can be wind and solar energy. So according to development targets of renewable energy resources (approved by order of the Minister of energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan from November 7, 2016 No. 478) by 2020, the share of electricity generated shall be 3% of the total capacity of the energy balance of the Republic, while the share of wind power should account for the order of 933 MW of generated power, solar power 467 MW to 290 MW hydroelectric power plants and biogas plants of 10 MW

These data indicate that the prospects for solar energy development in our country are quite favorable. So in the nearest future in Kazakhstan it is planned to build about 27 solar power capacity from 0.2 MW to 100 MW according to the "list of energy producing organizations that use renewable energy sources" as of 30 November 2017.

The potential of solar energy in the South of the country is especially high in the republic. So, in the field of solar energy in the South approved 7 projects with a total capacity of 342 MW. The largest of these is a photovoltaic station with a total capacity of 100 MW. The project cost is 37.5 billion tenge. It is implemented by the joint venture OntustikGreenEnergy, which has two founders - Shymkent Innovation LLP and Promondis Kazakhstan LLP. Preparatory work is underway now, a feasibility study is being developed, and design and estimate documentation is being prepared. The issue of allocation of land plots on which the construction of a photovoltaic station is planned has already been resolved. State acts on land plots of 50 hectares are made in the Baydibek district, 100 hectares in Otrar. There is a process of registration of a land plot of 67 hectares in the Sayram district. The project is planned to be implemented in 4 stages.

Another large project is offered by LLP "Arman - engineering". The solar panels are to be installed in Sairam and Ordibasinsky districts. The total capacity of the equipment is 80 MW. The project has also been approved by the regional coordination commission for inclusion in the Industrialization Map.

In recent years, a certain work on the implementation of projects in the field of renewable energy is being carried out by the Samruk-Kazyna National Welfare Fund. In particular, the construction of a 2 MW solar power plant in Kapshagai has been completed. According to the project "Solar power station Zhanakorgan with a capacity of 50 MW" in Zhanakorgan region of Kyzylorda region, work is under way to agree on a feasibility study for the project and to attract funding. Also, the project "Expansion of a solar power plant with a capacity of 50 MW to 100 MW at the site of Burnoyev in the Zhambyl region" was implemented. The strategic partner here is the British company UG EnergyLimited.